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Welcome. Wondering how I can help you?

If you're here, then perhaps you are struggling with life. Please get in touch to arrange a free 20-minute consultation to tell me what you need help with. We can test the water together, to see if we might be the right fit for each other. I can help you decide which of my services might be the best fit for you.

I offer a highly qualified psychotherapy and EMDR trauma service, as well as executive coaching. I work in person in Esher, Surrey (KT10) and also offer online sessions. My services include weekly open-ended psychotherapy or EMDR, fortnightly EMDR, and intensive EMDR within a day or half-day setting. All of my EMDR and therapy services can be offered online.

I work with a wide variety of issues, and specialise in supporting people with complex emotional difficulties. These include anxiety and depression, complex or ongoing trauma, dissociative responses such as dissociative amnesia / derealisation / depersonalisation, single incident trauma, bereavement to suicide, complex grief, post-traumatic stress (P-TSD) and complex post-traumatic stress (C-PTSD). I also work with individuals who have a mental health diagnosis such as EUPD/BPD, OCD, or DID.

Whilst complex emotional needs is my specialism, you can also contact me for counselling with issues such as (but not limited to) generalised or social anxiety and depression, relationship and family issues, bereavement and loss, stress etc. I'm very happy to support you through any emotional difficulties you are currently going through.

How I Can Support You

I tailor my approach to each individual. You might want a blend of EMDR and counselling, or just counselling / psychotherapy / coaching. If you don't want to speak in person just yet, I am more than happy for you to send me an email so that we can talk about your psychotherapy, EMDR, or coaching needs. We can work together online or in person at my practice in Esher, Surrey.

Is life feeling incredibly challenging? It's ok to ask for support with whatever you're experiencing. Whether it's anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, or another issue, my role as a therapist/counsellor is to provide an environment in which you can work through those challenges at a pace that works for you. I'm here to support you through it so you can find meaningful ways forward.

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Do you live with almost permanent feelings of tension, anxiety, fear, low mood, overwhelm, rage, or irritability? If you have experienced distressing things in life and are now living with body sensations, symptoms, emotions and thoughts that are overwhelming, EMDR can help you.

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If you are having persistent difficulties at work, coaching can help to shine a light on what is really going on. I bring together my psychotherapeutic and coaching skills to facilitate a deep exploration of your experiences at work, so that you can develop your self-awareness, find new ways of working with others, make the right decisions for you, and see yourself and your potential differently.

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Client Testimonials

I am an accredited member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). This is a professional body and it sets out a framework for ethical practice for all its members. The UKCP forbids the use of client testimonials by its members, as a way to protect members of the public from unsubstantiated or false advertising, as well as to protect client confidentiality. This means that I cannot post client testimonials on my website or anywhere else.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how psychotherapy, EMDR or coaching works, or to arrange an initial session together. I offer a free 20 minute zoom consultation so that we can explore your issues and see whether we might be the right fit for each other. Please include a mobile number if possible and please check your spam if you haven't heard from me within 48 hours, as I usually reply quite promptly.

All enquires are usually answered within 24-48 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential.