Intensive or Rapid EMDR

Looking for a more rapid solution than weekly therapy?

Intensive EMDR might be for you.

A more condensed form of EMDR therapy known as Intensive EMDR is now becoming more popular with people who are looking for a therapeutic treatment that can offer benefits and outcomes more quickly, and fit in with their busy and demanding lives.

EMDR intensives are a focused and rapid way to do EMDR therapy, so that you can experience the benefits of this unique therapy more quickly.

Working together this way also allows you to plan it around your life commitments. You can book your Intensive EMDR for dates and times that work for you, by simply paying a deposit to secure the dates that suit you.

What are the benefits of Intensive EMDR?

More rapid outcomes: EMDR is best known for helping people to achieve rapid shifts in the way they think and feel in their bodies about a deep-rooted issue, even following highly distressing life events such as trauma. Intensive EMDR allows you to accelerate this work.


Concentrated work: Intensive sessions usually last a minimum of 3 hours, allowing you to shift into deeper therapeutic EMDR processing work, and get to the core of your issue more quickly than you would in a standard 50 minute session.


Focused work: You choose the focus for your therapy (based on budget, time and personal goals) and we work together intensively towards the outcomes you most desire.


Deep therapeutic insights: Because you are with your therapist for extended periods, you are able to explore your personal issues in greater detail. This usually allows a more thorough understanding of the issues you are facing.


An addition to existing therapy: Intensive EMDR offers a great option for shifting issues you have become ‘stuck’ with in your existing therapy. This can be particularly beneficial if you and your therapist sense that what is ‘stuck’ has its roots in trauma or distressing life experiences.


Less disruption: You can focus on your therapeutic goals and make progress on achieving them, without being constantly pulled back into life issues, emotional ups and downs or other external circumstances, as tends to happen with weekly therapy. Sometimes the whole treatment can be completed with no or few breaks.


Tailored to you: Weekly therapy can be difficult to fit into work, family, and home life. Intensive EMDR allows to you plan the work into your life and (re)schedule other commitments around it.

Overall less time in therapy: The cumulative impact of these benefits is often that you spend less time (and money) in therapy overall. Less time is also spent practicing the emotional regulation techniques that are usually needed when there are longer breaks between sessions.

What can Intensive EMDR help with?

People come to me for help a wide range of problems. Here are a few of the more common issues that Intensive EMDR can help with:

  • One off distressing or traumatic incidents
  • Work related stress or trauma
  • Relationship distress
  • Childhood trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Intense fears or panic
  • OCD
  • Low self-esteem or confidence problems

Intensive EMDR Fees

Is it right for me? Intensive work isn't right for everyone and some people suit or prefer a gentler and slower approach. I offer a free 20-minute zoom call to discuss your needs and to help you decide whether EMDR could be a good fit for you. Once we've conducted the full 2 hour assessment, we will have a better sense of whether weekly sessions over a longer period of time would suit you better than Intensive EMDR. The assessment is needed whether you choose weekly or intensive sessions. if you are unsure about intensive work, we can conduct the assessment more slowly over consecutive weeks. The most important thing is to find the right fit for you.

Is it more expensive? No. Intensive EMDR costs the same as weekly EMDR therapy, but you pay a deposit to secure the dates that work for you, and you pay your fees over a shorter period of time. Some people choose to book in ahead of time so they can up save up for their intensive therapy. Generally, working intensively means you will probably spend less time and money in therapy, because you are working in a more focused and concentrated way.

How does it work? An Intensive EMDR Therapy Programme is organised into the following 3 phases and we tailor Phase 3 to the issues you are bringing to therapy. More complex issues will require more hours of processing.

Phase 1

Intensive EMDR Assessment:

2hrs £216

Phase 2

Intensive EMDR Preparation:

2 hrs £216

Phase 3

Intensive EMDR processing:

2 hrs £216

3 hrs £324

4 hrs £432

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how psychotherapy, EMDR or coaching works, or to arrange an initial session together. I offer a free 20 minute zoom consultation so that we can explore your issues and see whether we might be the right fit for each other. Please include a mobile number if possible and please check your spam if you haven't heard from me within 48 hours, as I usually reply quite promptly.

All enquires are usually answered within 24-48 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential.