An exciting series of workshops and presentations for Person-Centred Practitioners!

I have developed this online conference in association with Onlinevents to offer person-centred therapy practitioners a range of exciting and informative learning spaces on the subject of trauma. Each session runs for 2 hours and offers tickets on a pay what you can afford basis. My hope is to offer an inclusive and accessible learning experience for practitioners at all stages of their practice development.

I first became interested in trauma when I worked at ChildLine as a volunteer counsellor many years ago. This work led me into the professional therapy field, and I found that I wanted to work with adults who had experienced trauma - whether in childhood or adulthood. I now specialise in this work.

We have already had an amazing array of speakers at the conference - some well known in the person-centred world, such as Sheila Haugh and Jan Hawkins, and some newer to the conference circuit, but with an important message or piece of research or writing to share.

I have attempted to find a wide range of speakers to talk to you about a broad spectrum of traumatic experiences: from chronic illness to societal conditions of worth and identity based social and racial trauma, to childhood trauma, complex PTSD and dissociative experiencing. A variety of ways of working have been discussed, including classical person-centred practice, the integration of breathwork and working with trauma in the body, EMDR, and dissociation-informed practice.

I hope to see you at one of the workshops soon!